Free climate data sources

Free climate data sources

Free climate data sources 

Download Climate Data from 

Data available in the period 1982 to 2012: Mean temperature (° C), Minimum temperature (°C), Maximum temperature (°C), mean temperature (°F), Minimum temperature (°F), Maximum temperature (°F) and Precipitation (mm). 

Download Climate Data from NASA website 

Climatic parameters are available on a monthly basis from 1981 to 2018: Minimum Temperature, Temperature Range, Maximum Temperature, Surface Pressure (kPa), Specific Humidity, Relative Humidity, Precipitation, Wind Speed Range, Minimum Wind Speed, Maximum Wind Speed… 

Download historical climate data CRU TS version 4.04 

Download historical climate data (Precipitation, Temperature, and Vapour Pressure) from Climatic Research Unit (CRU) Time-Series (TS) version 4.04 of high-resolution gridded data of month-by-month variation in climate (Jan. 1901- Dec. 2019). 

Download historical climate data WorldClim version 2.1 

This is WorldClim version 2.1 climate data for 1970-2000. This version was released in January 2020. 
There are monthly climate data for minimum, mean, and maximum temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, wind speed, water vapor pressure, and for total precipitation. There are also 19 “bioclimatic” variables. 

Download Satellite precipitation TRMM and GPM 

Download ET and PET MODIS 

Download Land Surface Temperature MODIS


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