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Percent bias | Calculer PBias using RStudio 

Percent bias (PBIAS)

Percent bias (PBIAS) measures the average tendency of the simulated values to be larger or smaller than their observed ones.The optimal value of PBIAS (Percent bias) is 0.0, with low-magnitude values indicating accurate model simulation. Positive values indicate overestimation bias, whereas negative values indicate model under estimation bias. [R Documentation]

Percent bias (PBIAS) computes the average amount that actual is greater than predicted as a percentage of the absolute value of actual.

In this example we will use the data of three climate stations. you can add other stations in the script.
+ To begin, you need to add your data in R studio.
+ And follow the lesson below.
+ Install packages : hydroGOF
Percent bias (Obs , Sim )
Obs: observed values and Sim: simulated values
Example : pbias(data source$simulated , data source$observed)

Create and save your R Script
pbias.s1<- pbias(data source$simulated , data source$observed )
you can add other stations in the script...

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