Download historical climate data

Download historical climate data CRU TS

In this article I’ll show you how to download historical climate data (Precipitation, Temperature, and Vapour Pressure) from Climatic Research Unit Time-Series version 4.04 (CRU TS version 4.04) using Google Earth Interface. 

CRU TS 4.04: Climatic Research Unit (CRU) Time-Series (TS) version 4.04 of high-resolution gridded data of month-by-month variation in climate (Jan. 1901- Dec. 2019

A Google Earth-based interface to the Climatic Research Unit Time-Series version 4.04 dataset. 
The interface allows individual half-degree cells to be examined, and for nearby observations to also be found. 

The data included are drawn directly from the CRU TS 4.03 dataset and related observation files. 
Temperature (TMP), Precipitation (PRE), Diurnal Temperature Range (DTR) and Vapour Pressure (VAP) are available. 

In order to use this interface, you will need to have installed Google Earth. 
You can then open this file in Google Earth.

Site of Climatic Research Unit  (CRU) 

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