Download high spatial resolution terra incognita images

Download high spatial resolution Terra Incognita images 

Cartography occupies a very important place in geographic research. Today, mastering the mapping has become a necessity for several reasons: free access to satellite archives (Landsat, Modis, Sentinel, etc.), the considerable number of videos and online courses (videos on YouTube, Mooc, etc.), the availability of software for mapping and spatializing phenomena (ArcGIS, QGIS, ENVI, ERDAS IMAGINE, …). 

Among the sources of high spatial resolution images are: SAS Planet images, Terra Incognita images and Google Earth. In this short course, I will quickly show you how to download Terra Incognita images.

Terra Incognita images constitute a useful source of data for drawing up the various maps (land use, forms of erosion, urban plan, road network, hydrographic network, etc.).

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