Pansharpening Landsat 8 images

Pansharpening Landsat 8 images

Pansharpening is a process of merging high-resolution panchromatic and lower resolution multispectral imagery to create a single high-resolution image.

Pan Sharpening Landsat OLI Images: Landsat 8’s Operational Land Imager (OLI) multispectral bands have a spatial resolution of 30m and panchromatic band with 15 m spatial resolution. Pansharpening is ideal for improving the visual clarity of an image for interpretation or digitizing.

PanSharpening Techniques: there are several different methods used to pansharpen or merge images (ENVI, ArcGIS, QGIS, Erdas Imagine). Each method uses a different algorithm.

In this course I will show you how to Pansharpening Landsat 8 images using Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP).

Landsat OLI (Operational Land Imager) > QGIS > Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.
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