Plot maps and graphs in r using ggplot2

Data visualization : Plot maps and graphs in r using ggplot2


Visualization plays an important role in the decision-making process after analyzing relevant data. R supports a variety of functions and data visualization packages to build interactive visuals for exploratory data analysis. R has several systems for making graphs, but ggplot2 is one of the most elegant and most versatile. 

ggplot2 is a powerful and popular data visualization package in the R programming language. It was created by Hadley Wickham and is part of the tidyverse ecosystem. ggplot2 is designed for creating visually appealing and customizable graphs and charts from data.

The core concept of ggplot2 is the Grammar of Graphics, which provides a structured approach to creating visualizations by defining a plot in terms of its components. These components include data, aesthetics, geometries, and layers.
RStudio allows for the creation of high-quality maps and graphs. In the upcoming videos, you should be able to:
- Handle various types of data.
- Create high-quality maps and graphs using the ggplot2 package.
- Customize themes.
- Save your graphs and maps in high resolution.
- Design graphs and maps that meet the publication standards of a scientific journal.
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Plot maps and graphs in r using ggplot2


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